Week 2

Week 2 Your Family

This week is all about you and your family. This week you will be prioritising your family above everything else. Too often we say yes to so many things and it is our family who suffers.
During this week, we want you to on:

The family unit is the most important element in our lives. We must work hard on building relationships and open communication with our loved ones. Our children have a right to grow up feeling safe, secure, loved and worthy and we have an obligation to provide this for them.


Week 2 Content

Our menus focus on:

1. Adequate protein intake

2. Micronutrient diversity

3. Dinner for breakfast

Make sure you have calculated your protein and are maximising the nutrient density of each your meals!

Week 2 Education



Athlete Mindset

Hard Work & Consistency Produces Results


The Power of Vulnerability

Fast Facts: Health & Fitness


Protein Leverage Hypothesis

Lean Body Mass

Sleep Routine

Weekly Sleep Goals

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Week 2 Checklist