Are you wanting to get your health, fitness or nutrition program online? Naomi is an expert in the field and can help you get your program up and running in no time! Naomi has been working in the online sphere since 2012 and can't wait to help you!

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We have delivered over 1000 programs online!

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We offer two choices:

Pre-built program

Custom made

Our programs have been developed and designed by qualified professionals with decades worth of industry experience and we can tailor all our programs to suit your budget, goals, needs and expertise.

We offer ongoing support and assistance for all of our programs with each one having both live and pre-recorded training videos. This means you'll be up and running your program in no time.

Prices starting at only $499

Pay up front and instalment options available!

We offer:

Nutrition only

Exercise only

Nutrition & exercise

Nutrition, exercise & mindset

Chronic disease focused

Health and Fitness Options


You can choose how much nutritional content to include in your program. You can have a simple nutrition guide that outlines basic healthy eating concepts or you can choose to cover more information with additional guides and videos around calories, macros, intuitive eating, different diet options, fasting and more.


We have designed and developed a variety of exercise programs and you can choose to include 1 or all of them. Each program comes with an exercise PDF that explains all the foundation concepts of cardio and resistance training. You can also choose to have educational exercise videos included in your training package. You can choose between PDF template or an app-based program.


Most programs lack the foundation principles that elicit real change. These principles are all to do with mindset, habits and routines. You can choose to add on the mindset component, which we have taken from our popular and successful coaching programs. This includes daily task sheets, reflection activities, scheduling tasks and more.

Business Options

Email Automations

We have a number of email automations that we can assist you in setting up. Once your client subscribes, they will be added to your automation and be sent emails as frequently as you determine. Easy.

Zapier Integration

We will help you set up Zapier integrations between your app and your email automation so that when someone signs up to your program, all the hard work is done for your


We can assist you with using things like Zoom, Canva, PayPal, Stripe etc. to help make your business run as efficiently and as effortlessly as possible.

Training Timeline

Introduction Modules

Setting up your program

Selecting the method for delivering the program

Using a website, app or other software

Introduction Modules

Nutrition & Exercise Science Modules

Exercise, Fitness and Physical Activity

Nutrition Principles

Mindset Matters

Nutrition & Exercise Science Modules

Business Modules

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FB Groups

Business Modules

Program Enquiry

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About Us

Thank you for downloading our free recipe PDF! Click on the button below and the PDF will open in a new window. We hope you enjoy the recipes as much as our family does (almost as much as they enjoy family photos haha). 


My Facebook page is where I share a lot of great content around the latest research on all things health and fitness; especially on things to with healthy brain ageing.


My Instagram account is definitely fitness and food focused and if you ever take a look at my stories, you'll see what sort of sense of humour I have 😉


My YouTube account is where I will be vlogging on all things stupid and ridiculous in the the health and fitness industry. If you don't like sarcasm, this may not be the place for you....😉

Our story

Naomi started Alpha Fitness and Education in 2012 after the birth of her twin daughters Alexa and Sarai. She began the company with the intention of being able to work from home whilst being a full-time mum. With the arrival of her fourth child only 18 months later, life certainly became a little more challenging but Naomi was able to grow her business, with her incredible sister, to include the Eat Fat Get Fit Program and other health and fitness products. To read our full story, head here

The Naomi Ferstera Group now offers services to both the general public and professional health sector.  We offer:

Ongoing Programs

Not interested in a challenge but just want to keep training? We have you covered! For as little as $5.95/week you can have an ongoing exercise program delivered to your phone via our app.

8 Week Challenge

We run regular 8 week challenges where you can compete against yourself, a team mate or the group and really give yourself the push you need!

Professional Services

Are you a health or fitness professional (EP, PT, GP, dietitian etc.) and want to run an online program but don't have the time or expertise to do it? We have you covered. Click here to find out more!

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