About Naomi

Naomi started in the industry in 2000, working as a PT for Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs, while she was completing her dual degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Education. After teaching for several years, she started her own business in 2011, while on maternity leave with her twins. In 2018, she completed her post-graduate studies in nutrition, through Deakin University. Currently, she is involved in the Brain Training Trial at the University of Queensland, where she is completing her doctorate degree (PhD) in Exercise Science. Naomi’s thesis is made up of three sub-studies where she is investigating the role of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and progressive strength training (PRT) for improving mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in older adults. She is also investigating additional dementia-related topics, including (i) the role of myokines/neurogenic markers in exercise-related cognitive improvements (ii) how long after an exercise trial do cognitive benefits persist (the legacy effect) (iii) can changes and/or deficits to neuromuscular fitness predict future cognitive decline and (iv) the comparative changes of HIIT vs PRT on body composition, neuromuscular fitness and cognition in older adults with MCI. 

In 2022, Naomi opened Powered by The Lab with her business partner, Georgina (George) Davis. George is a a former junior Australian squash champion and CrossFit coach with over a decade of experience.

The Lab offers a wide range of services including 30 coached classes, The Lab Clinic, a range of nutrition services, The Nutrition Lab and a recovery room.

In early 2023, The Lab Clinic opened, offering a full range of exercise physiology services. The Lab Clinic is a metabolic-focused clinic, with the goal of being the premiere provider of allied health services for those with diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, dementia and other metabolic conditions. The Lab Clinic is able to offer funding through the NDIS, DVA, Medicare and Private Health.

Excitingly, in 2024, The Lab Clinic will be adding research to its list of services as Naomi completes her studies.

3 Minute Thesis

In 2022, Naomi competed in the finals of The University of Queensland’s 3 Minute Thesis.  if you have a spare 3 minutes, listen below.