31 Strong

Welcome to 31 Strong

31 Strong is our 12 month VIP program.

31 Strong has has been designed to help women take control of their minds, attitudes and beliefs around food and exercise.

31 Strong aims to empower women so they they can go on to empower other women around them. When one woman shines, it gives women around them the permission to also shine; and this is what 31 Strong is all about - helping ourselves so that we can help others. And in helping others, this brings purpose, clarity and focus to our life.

31 Strong focuses on 3 key areas:

Each of these elements are equally important and we will will work with you to help you set goals in each area.

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Program Philosophies

The following PDF is our philosophies on food and exercise. Take your time to read through this document as it explains our core principles.

Monthly Missions

Our Monthly Missions have been designed to help keep you focused and on track.

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I Promise to Finish What I Started Keep Trying Make My Myself Proud

Pre-Program Checklist

Please complete the checklist once you have watched the pre-program videos and completed the associated tasks.