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"When I started my business, I wanted to offer something different and I wanted to be different in an industry that often promotes an unrealistic image of health."

Naomi started in the industry in 2000, working as a PT for Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs, while she was completing her dual degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Education. After teaching for a few years, she started her own business in 2011, while on maternity leave with her twins. In 2018, Naomi completed her post-graduate studies in nutrition, through Deakin University. Currently, she is involved in the Brain Training Trial at the University of Queensland, working towards achieving her PhD in exercise science.

Naomi currently offers a number of services to both the individuals and the corporate sector in addition to providing educational courses to allied health, medical and fitness professionals.

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About Us

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My Facebook page is where I share a lot of great content around the latest research on all things health and fitness; especially on things to with healthy brain ageing.


My Instagram account is definitely fitness and food focused and if you ever take a look at my stories, you'll see what sort of sense of humour I have 😉


My YouTube account is where I will be vlogging on all things stupid and ridiculous in the the health and fitness industry. If you don't like sarcasm, this may not be the place for you....😉

Our story

Naomi started Alpha Fitness and Education in 2012 after the birth of her twin daughters Alexa and Sarai. She began the company with the intention of being able to work from home whilst being a full-time mum. With the arrival of her fourth child only 18 months later, life certainly became a little more challenging but Naomi was able to grow her business, with her incredible sister, to include the Eat Fat Get Fit Program and other health and fitness products. To read our full story, head here

The Naomi Ferstera Group now offers services to both the general public and professional health sector.  We offer:

Ongoing Programs

Not interested in a challenge but just want to keep training? We have you covered! For as little as $5.95/week you can have an ongoing exercise program delivered to your phone via our app.

8 Week Challenge

We run regular 8 week challenges where you can compete against yourself, a team mate or the group and really give yourself the push you need!

Professional Services

Are you a health or fitness professional (EP, PT, GP, dietitian etc.) and want to run an online program but don't have the time or expertise to do it? We have you covered. Click here to find out more!

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