Month 1

Month One

During your first month with 31 Strong, your mindset focus is all about switching from the negative to a positive point of view. We want you to figure out how to switch from operating from a place of fear to a place of love. So rather than being afraid of gaining weight, or afraid of getting sick or afraid of not being a good role model for your children; we want you to be doing everything in this program because you love it and you can see the value in it. Learning to love things that we dislike can be challenging and it call comes down to our:

  • mindset
  • language
  • perspective

and ultimately our choice!

You have the choice to think, believe and do anything you set your mind to. If you tell your mind that you love something, it will come to believe it, given enough time. And this is the key – TIME. Most of us do not allow ourselves enough time to transition from fear to love. We do not allow ourselves enough time to really create new habits and routines and we do not give ourselves enough time to really start loving ourselves and seeing ourselves as a worthwhile investment. 

So to help you stay on track and stay focused, and to help you transition from fear to love, all you have to do is follow the To Do List! Simple!

Month 1 Food

Our menus focus on:

1. Adequate protein intake

2. Micronutrient diversity

3. Dinner for breakfast

Make sure you have calculated your protein and are maximising the nutrient density of each your meals!

Sleep Routine

Weekly Sleep Goals

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Month 1 Education

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a powerful way of putting your dreams and visions onto paper. When we goal set, we also need to write out our plan for achieving this goals. It also helps if you share your goals with other people .