Laziness is a choice.

If you are easily offended, this post might not be for you (fair warning if you decide to keep reading). And I’d say I’m sorry for it, but I’m not. I’m fed up and if I offend you, then maybe consider that what I’m saying is striking a nerve for a reason. I know I’ve had to have some pretty brutal and honest conversations with myself and when I get tetchy, it’s because I wasn’t doing the right thing.

These pictures, pretty much sum up what is wrong with so many people. So many people are lazy and lacking regard for others. It’s not really hard to take a moment to think about what all these trolleys could do when left like this. How do people get past? What about the elderly or people in wheelchairs? What about mums with strollers? How about someone who is blind? Where is the care or concern for them?

It’s also not hard to return your trolley! I’ve watched more people than I care to admit, try and balance a trolley for well over 30 seconds rather than walk it back (which is longer than returning it would’ve taken). I’ve also seen people leave their trolleys resting on a stranger’s car, and I have returned from shopping many times, with trolleys against my car (with one even left at my rear door – whhhhyyyyy????).

In all honesty, if there is one trait that absolutely “you know what’s” me to tears, it’s laziness. Because it’s a choice. And it’s one that is finely honed over years and years of dedication to it. I hate it in myself just as much as anyone else but I work pretty damn hard to not be lazy in all areas of my life (there is, of course, progress still to be made). 

So if you want to know why we have a chronic disease epidemic, look no further than this photo. A major reason why we have a chronic disease epidemic is that we have laziness and disregard epidemic (note I said “major” not the only reason). This statement might make you cranky with me but it’s the honest truth. Many people don’t care that their choices will create a huge burden on our medical system, one that future generations will have to deal with. They don’t care that loved ones will have to bury them or that they are slowly killing their own children. They also don’t care that there is an abundance of free education to help them make healthy choices; they choose to be wilfully ignorant and they choose to be lazy. They choose to take pleasure now and avoid temporary pain, which is so short sighted considering the chronic pain that is coming.

The sad reality for many is that they want to lose weight and get healthy without any hard work, significant changes or sacrifice. And it’s not entirely their fault. Social media continuously sells us the lie that we can get our results quickly; but the actual reality is that most health and aesthetic goals take YEARS to achieve and a lot of hard work to maintain.

So here’s some honest advice:

Stop looking for shortcuts. There are none.

Stop doing detoxes and drinking “skinny” tea (they are an absolute waste of money and only your wallet gets skinny).

Stop bouncing from program to program (commit to one and for a minimum of 12 months). 

Stop cheating yourself out of good health.

Stop lying to yourself. 

Stop being a mediocre version of yourself.

Stop settling for second best. 

Stop hoping that this could be quick and easy.

Stop making excuses.


Start investing in yourself (a coach is a great starting point).

Start asking for more from yourself.

Start prioritising your health.

Start genuinely loving yourself (and let your actions show that you do).

Start setting boundaries.

Start saying no (to crap food, crap people and crap expectations).

Start telling yourself you can and actually believe that you can.

And most importantly start right now.

PS if you are someone who has developed a chronic disease through no fault of your own, please do not think for a moment that I include you in this post.

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