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We are starting Monday 1st March 2021

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Sample menus, recipes, exercise programs, education program, live videos, coaching, community and more! 

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Naomi helps you work not only on your diet and exercise but on your mindset. This allows you to change for the better in a way that is more likely to continue yo have positive effects into the future. Naomi is happy to adapt and change plans when things go wrong to help you make the best of the situation you are in. I am already seeing improvements in the way i think about myself as well as physical changes despite being injured (not from Naomi's program).
Lisa Richards
Naomi is one of the most passionate people I know. She is so knowledgeable and educated in her field, and more. Her programmes are all encompassing and you get everything you need from them...the nutrition, the exercise and the science. She is always learning and isn’t afraid to go against the grain (pun intended). She has the latest knowledge and shares everything openly and honestly. I did her 8 week Eat Fat Get Fit programme in February 2016 with my fiancé and we just never stopped...almost 3 years later and still eating low carb healthy fat.
Sophia Benbow
I've only been training with George for 3 months and the improvements that I've seen in my strength and my range of motion has been incredible. I am rehabbing some serious injuries and George has helped me work around them whilst still improving my strength and skill. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Naomi Coburn