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Naomi Ferstera is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist / Exercise Scientist, Nutritionist and lecturer with a passion for debunking health and fitness myths and teaching on all things nutrition and exercise science.

Naomi is an expert in her field with dual degrees in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Education and a post-graduate qualification in nutrition. She been working in the industry for 20 years and has assisted thousands of people, just like you, achieve your health and fitness goals.

She’s also a busy mum of four so understands that a lifestyle change has to work for you and fit in with your life. She wants to see you get fit, healthy and strong, as quickly as possible!

If you’re ready to build the mindset and body you’ve always wanted (without having to give up everything you love) then Naomi wants to work with you! Click on a service below to get started.

Our Services

The Brain Training Program

Did you know that that the number 1 killer of Australian women is dementia? With emerging research demonstrating the powerful effect of food and exercise on brain health, this ground-breaking program will give you the best opportunity to protect your brain as you age!

Are you looking for an online program with a difference? Hustle Hard. Recharge provides you with two coaches, a real approach to health and fitness, a flexible approach to diet and did we mention weekly wine time?

The Eat Fat Get Fit Program was our first signature program and combines a low carb diet with intermittent fasting and high intensity cardio and weight training.

Join our inner circle for programs focused on managing chronic disease (specifically heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia and obesity). Each month we deliver a webinar with the latest in nutrition and exercise science in addition to releasing new exercise programs and recipes. Naomi is also active in our private Facebook group to answer questions and help you on your journey.

If you are after a more personalised approach to your nutrition and training, we offer one on one nutrition and exercise physiology appointments for our private clients. Choose from either sporadic appointments, or sign up to regular and ongoing coaching.

Are you unsure of what your calorie or macro targets should be? Naomi can do these calculations for you and show you how to set it out in a sample single day meal plan. 

Are you a fitness, health or medical professional wanting to start your own online program but are lacking time, qualifications or resources? We have you covered. Get in contact today.

Speaking Events

Naomi is able to speak at your next conference, seminar or event on any health and fitness topic that suits. Get in touch today.

Naomi runs face to face and online workshops for the wider public and organisations. If you are looking for a lunch and learn or a half or full day workshop, Naomi can help!

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Customers reviews

The most amazing, inspiring and intelligent fitness and weight loss program. I am off high blood pressure meds and am the only person in my family who doesn't have diabetes. All thanks to Naomi.
Louise Austin
Naomi is one of the most passionate people I know. She is so knowledgeable and educated in her field, and more. Her programmes are all encompassing and you get everything you need from them...the nutrition, the exercise and the science. She is always learning and isn’t afraid to go against the grain (pun intended). She has the latest knowledge and shares everything openly and honestly. I did her 8 week Eat Fat Get Fit programme in February 2016 with my fiancé and we just never stopped...almost 3 years later and still eating low carb healthy fat.
Sophia Benbow
Naomi helps you work not only on your diet and exercise but on your mindset. This allows you to change for the better in a way that is more likely to continue yo have positive effects into the future. Naomi is happy to adapt and change plans when things go wrong to help you make the best of the situation you are in. I am already seeing improvements in the way i think about myself as well as physical changes despite being injured (not from Naomi's program). If you are looking to improve your whole life then i recommend 31 Strong
Lisa Richards

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